Friday, April 20, 2007

So Long, Farewell...

Hi Everyone!

I just want to say a couple things before I head up north on Sunday...

My time so far in Uganda has been interesting, to say the least. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional things that have come up. Things that I need to deal with and go through but that are preoccupying and are not the most pleasant. They have prevented me from being able to give myself fully to life here, to the people, to the school, to everything. I have been very caught up in my own head and have quite honestly, I feel, only done the bare minimum. I have not gone above and beyond here. I have done what has been necessary. Honestly, although I understand that it's what I needed to do, I do feel somewhat guilty about it. And it's something that I'm working on coming to terms with.

Money matters. The money for this portion in Uganda has been divided as follows. I spent roughly $45 to give the kids at House of Hope lunch when we were tree planting. This meal consisted of rice, beans, meat, and cabbage, the most complete meal they've probably ever eaten in their lives. I have given a further $1500 to House of Hope recently. $100 has been given to Jeniffer to use as she sees fit. If she wants to get clean water for the kids one day, if someone needs to go to the clinic, she can go to this money. She has currently been using her own money for these things and so I felt it appropriate to give some more funds for needs such as this. $1400 of this will go towards beginning construction for the orphanage building. This money will not complete the building by any means, but it will get things going and will make it easier to attract more money from future volunteers who come through. As it's always more appealing to donate money to something that's already begun that you are helping to complete. My views of the building is that for House of Hope to really function well, these kids need to live there. None of them are in good situations. They are all orphans living either with older siblings who should by no means be having to take care of younger children or with relatives who have begrudgingly agreed to take them in. Their food, water, and conditions cannot be monitored if they leave to go back to these places every night. $500 will be donated to Pit-Tek and Grassroots Uganda. Pit-Tek is the women's group run by Rose who accompanied us up north. The women that we interviewed there were from Pit-Tek. The money will be split between Grassroots Uganda and Pit-Tek. I will be buying, for a higher price than usual, necklaces and bracelets made of paper. Hard to explain but very cool. The money that it costs to make these items will go back to the Grassroots Uganda women and the extra money will go to Pit-Tek for projects they are working on. I believe that is where things stand right now in terms of money for Uganda. So thank you all, again, for allowing me to do all these things.

And so, I will be heading up north on Sunday. And I'm totally excited, totally scared, totally ready, and not ready at all, and a whole ton of other contradictions. But I know that this is the right thing for me now. The right way to end this journey before returning to you all. As I've mentioned I've been dealing with a lot of things here so far and I need to be alone to deal with them further and get to a point where I feel good about it to go home. So this project up north is what I need. And nothing that I could find in South Africa could satisfy what I need. Hence, staying here. So as of Sunday I will be out of touch until June 10 and then on June 11 I will be heading home with 2 marathon days of flying. I have also decided not to go to London. I am anticipating quite a case of reverse culture shock and think that returning to the developed world in London is not the best thing. So I will be home the evening of June 12 to enjoy being home at least for a few days before I become overwhelmed.

I wish everyone the best for the next 2 months or so and I look forward to updating you post-Kitgum and to seeing many of you upon my return.

All the best, Molly


Anonymous Nic said...

mollister? not coming to london? that's a shame... but hey i sort of understand, it'd be a bit strange maybe. if you change your mind again let me know! it's always great reading about what you've been up to, good luck over the next couple of months i hope you get as much out of it as possible! take care, x N

11:41 AM  

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