Sunday, October 01, 2006

Catch Up

Hello, Hello!

My apologies for the delay in entries. The last two weeks on the farm were good, pretty uneventful. Found that I'm definitely much stronger than when I started as by the end I had no problem carrying the sacks of compost whereas in the beginning I couldn't! It was definitely really fun to be able to notice such a distinct difference! My morning chore for both weeks was cleaning out the pig pens, of which I have numerous pictures!! I'm sure you all are just itching to see them so I will try and post all the pictures I've taken so far on a site from Seattle.

In other news, I will now officially be entering Northwestern University as a Medill undergraduate student!!! I realized along the way somewhere that it was what needed to be done so I emailed them and luckily, they accepted!! So for all of you who thought I wouldn't be coming back, I am totally psyched to get there after my travels and start studying!! No fear!

I'm currently in the Andes at a lodge called Black Sheep Inn with Lucy, the other girl who was volunteering at the farm. It's at 3,200 meters which is great practice for the Himalayas. Today I went with a bunch of other people to a crater called Laguna Quilotoa. We took a bus there and then hiked all the way back, about 6 hours!! Going to be doing another hike tomorrow, not sure where yet, then down to Riobamba to take a train (where we will sit on the roof) through a part known as "the devil's nose" down to Cuenca, another town. From there we'll head back up to Quito and then up to Octovalo to go to a great indigenous market to buy looooots of Ecuadorian things, such as hats, sweaters, etc. One benefit of having the family coming to Seattle is that they can take all of that stuff home!

Ok, I hope everything is going well and happy belated Jewish New Year!

P.S. Does anyone have any good book suggestions?? If you do, please email them to me at becuase I need to load up before the next leg!! Thanks!


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