Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rio Muchacho Week 2

Hey Again!

I hope everyone had a fabulous week. I am still thoroughly enjoying myself at the farm, getting my hands dirty and working my butt off! I figured I'd take a few moments to tell you a bit more about life on the farm.

First, I will go into further detail about the food. Surprise, surprise, I got the most response to my comment that the food is amazing. With numerous people asking what makes it amazing and to elaborate, so here goes. The food is probably 90% grown on the farm. The vegetables and fruit are picked every morning for the day. Breakfast consists of fruit salad, granola, tea, and usually some type of bread something or other, which could be bread and jam, bread and chocolate, bread with cheese in the middle, etc. Breakfast is the most consistent meal as the fruit, granola, and tea are constants. Lunch and dinner are a bit more sporadic. There's usually a salad of lettuce or some other prepared vegetables, rice or noodles. We always have soup to start off for lunch. There's often something with peanut flavoring as that is our main source of protein. We have been served fish and chicken once each but it is served on the bone and to those of you who know me, you have probably assumed correctly that I prefer not to eat it like that. I'm not sure I can give you any further details, but if anyone can think of a specific question, please feel free to ask.

Morning chores switch every week so my morning chore this week is to cut pasto, which is a tall grass fed to most of the animals. I cut quite a bit with a machete (they use machetes for everything here) and then bring it down and feed it to the guinea pigs (after cleaning their cages), whose poop is used to make fertilizer which is then used in the garden. Basically everything on the farm has a purpose. Nothing is really produced or maintained unless it can also serve another purpose.

As you can imagine, life on the farm is quite dirty, and I have decided to take a passive response to this. It is inevitable that I am going to be dirty so I have embraced this by deciding to wear the same clothes every day. I have a clean set and a dirty set. I wear jeans and a tshirt to work in and then shower and change into a different pair of pants and tshirt. At the end of the week, the dirty tshirt (which after 6 days is understandably quite disgusting) gets put in the laundry pile and the clean tshirt gets transferred to the dirty set. I do laundry once a week or so, which is no doubt a site as we hand wash our clothes!! I will take a picture for show and tell later. My intent is to leave the jeans on the farm at the end of the four weeks and most likely dispose of quite a few of the tshirts!

I believe that is all the update I have for the current moment. I hope everyone is having a lovely September, wherever you are!

Til next time!


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