Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Shadow of the Sun Part 2 and Other Things

Hey there!

My apologies for the delay in posting but things have been very busy and I have been traveling around quite a bit.

I have recieved a request for an explanation of why I put up the previous post. (Sorry to leave you hanging Gary.) I think that quote, is shamefully representative of today´s world. Although it is speaking of tribal villages in Africa, I think it is more appropriate for the world today. In Africa, especially at the time that was written, there were no means of communication to allow that which existed beyond to matter. Today however, we communicate constantly but I don´t think we accomplish much at all. We communicate on a superficial basis. We travel to other countries but often only to the tourist areas for vacation and we don´t bother to challenge ourselves and immerse ourselves in the culture. I think this quote stirred in me part of the reason I have chosen to take this gap year and why I am doing what I´m doing. More than doing it in one year, I believe that as a whole we need to challenge ourselves to think globally, always. We often extend ourselves only when it is necessary, such as a tsunami or a war or a genocide. Then as soon as its over or we feel we´ve fulfilled our obligation, we turn back to concentrating solely on ourselves. There needs to be a level of awareness of what´s going on globally. Constantly.

Now on to the other things. Since my last post, things have been pretty much the same here in good old San Jose. I have, however, travelled to Montezuma, another beach town, La Fortuna (Arenal), the 2nd most active volcano in the world, and back to Puerto Viejo. Montezuma was lovely. Did some snorkelling but mostly just hung out at the beach. We were able to spend 4 days there due to school holidays friday and monday. La Fortuna was a lot of fun. We went on a little hike through the jungle and then saw the volcano. We also did some horsebackriding and did the canopy tours which is a series of zip lines through the jungle- lots of fun!! Then this week I went back to Puerto Viejo on my own, stayed at Rocking Js again, and got my scuba certification. Thats right, I´m now a certified open water scuba diver!

I´ve got now 2 days left in Costa Rica. One last day at the school tomorrow and then Saturday to pack up and get ready to leave, then Sunday, hello Ecuador!

As this will be my last sign off with pura vida, I think I will share (to those of you who don´t already know) what it means. Directly translated it means pure life. It is probably the most common saying here in Costa Rica and is used in quite a lot of situations, similar to Aloha. It can be used as hello, goodbye, a response to how are you, and more.

So, Pura Vida!


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