Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fun, Frustration, and Rocking Js

Hello Hello!

Well it seems I´m almost half way through this segment which is slightly absurd. It´s really crazy how time flies. Truthfully though, I can´t really say I´m too disappointed. I´m finding myself somewhat frustrated here with the volunteer aspect of things. I think having seen true poverty in Honduras and being prepared to see it in Africa has altered my perspective.

The school where we are working, although public, has done quite a bit of fundraising on its own and therefore has money to spend on resources. The kids, although probably not living in luxury, certainly have everything they need. I guess mainly, I don´t really feel like I´m bringing the kids something they wouldn´t have otherwise. Tuesdays and Thursdays we teach PE classes and pretty much just set up the boy and girls separately to play their own games. Often some don´t want to play and they just hang out around the field. But quite honestly, they don´t need us to set up the teams. If needed they could do it on their own. The football school, also, is an added luxury that I certainly don´t feel they need. I knew this coming in but I think I was even a bit surprised by the lack of real poverty where we are working. There are schools that need more, but they have been deemed ¨too dangerous¨ by Gap Sports. Although frustrating, it does make me that much more excited for Africa and all that there is the potentia to accomplish there.

On the other hand though, I am having a great time! This weekend, my clan of 7 or so went to Puerto Viejo, a small surfer town on the Caribbean. We stayed at this place called Rocking Js which is most probably the coolest place I have ever seen in my entire life. There is a section of tents, either rent or bring your own, a few normal dorm-style rooms, and 2-3 sections of hammocks probably numbering about 80 or so in all. Yes, I DID sleep in a hammock and it was fabulous!! The one i slept in was sorta flat and huge so it was unbelievably comfortable. The place also had art and mosaic work done by previous travelers which made it that much more unique. I definitely wished I could spend a few months there.

This week, we´re on our regular schedule. Spanish classes are over so we have a bit more free time. We´re playing 5-a-side matches 2-3 times each week and we´ve even got an 11-a-side scheduled for tomorrow. This friday we´re off to Montezuma, another beach, for a long weekend (as Monday is a holiday).

Pura Vida!


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